Wednesday, August 15, 2012

...Of the Year

Wow... I think my blog may feel a little neglected. I haven't written in months! Like an old friend, it will settle comfortably back into my life. This will soon be the best way to let my deployed man see a little more into my life while he is away. When I send emails, they tend to be short and sporadic. Hopefully, by being more proactive in writing out my thoughts and days, communication will come easier throughout this trying time.

My year has gone very well. I remember waking up in San Antonio, Texas, on New Years morning. I reflected on the rough year I was leaving behind. That day, I received a call from my command, telling me that I was beginning my tour at a new command within the week. I had just started texting a really cute guy, and I had a good, hopeful feeling about it. Overall, I had a very positive feeling about the year to come. And so far, it's lived up to and exceeded my expectations.

Some bad things have come about, as is to be expected in any given year. I've had some health problems, a significant surgery, and emotional struggles. There have been several deaths, including two Navy shipmates who were slaughtered in senseless acts, and a few teachers and mentors.  Overshadowing the entire span of the year has been the impending dread of Gabe's deployment.

All of those issues are minor when I see how far I have come, both as an individual, and in my relationship. With my lover by my side, I don't care how hard life gets, it will be incredibly wonderful. And even when he is halfway around the world, I know that the promise of a lifetime together will give me the strength to not just 'make it', but to embrace this time and find joy in being me.

Yup... That's all for now! I'll get to posting the good stuff soon. Mm, I've missed the blog! I'm excited to write again.

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