Thursday, April 4, 2013


There is something like comfort
In this derelict routine
Savoring the familiar
And breathing in the sensations

As I walk these barren halls
Past the morgue, the cafeteria
That screams out aromas
To tantalize my malnourished body

Others also follow the worn tracks
We all murmur "good morning"
And plaster our smiles on
With all the bravery of a masquerade

I unlock the door to my office
Bite into a crisp Gala apple
Feel it's skin scrubbing my teeth
And let the flavor linger on my lips

We attend muster, same as any day
Dressed in the same tired blues
Listen to the announcements we all know by heart Then branch off to our well known seats

The only new thing I can brag of
Is a new background on my screen
A new song on the radio
A fresh ache in my bones

The delicate warmth of caramel
Whispers through my senses
As I think of how I miss you
And it's the best part of this routine
Missing you
It's what I do
Every day.

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